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LIQUID VINYL MEDIUM for water colors

Vinyl has a number of uses. It really is a miracle product.

As a water color medium, cut with 25% water it releases surface tension, improving flow. It allows you to layer washes without any pick-up.  It enhances the chroma of my colors and used full strength it protects the painting, eliminating glass. It can be used full strength over oil paintings as a final varnish.  It is self leveling. No lap marks and you can use a foam brush.  It has no toxicity.

Watercolor Mediums change the working characteristics of your paint, or the surface on which you are painting. Use Watercolor Mediums to enhance gloss, increase transparency, create iridescent and impasto effects and more.

When mixed directly with watercolors, Watercolor Medium facilitates fine line and stroke development by improving flow. Excessive quantities of his medium in any mixture will result in a brittle surface.

Available in two sizes:

Quart $75.00

Pint $40.00