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Willhelm Ostwald - Noted Color Theorist (1853-1932)

I went a step further than Ostwald concerning his theory of "Dimensional Double Pyramid Triangle." I actually put it into practice making a set of pastels consisting of 6,000 colors, tints and blends.  (the set was sold to a collectory)

We all agree on 16 basic colors and the 63 tints derived from them.  I re-designed and improved his theory by changing the shape of the triangle. This evolved from 10 years of hard work as no one has ever done this before.

When I contacted The Louvre in Paris and speaking with Genevieve Monnier, Curator of Drawings, she came to my studio in NYC to view it.  She was totally amazed and said if she had known about me I would have been in her book (1984)

My effort has brought me to the point where I am today, my reputation as a premier colorist.  



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