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I appreciate that you are very good at what you do and you can rest assured I will buy your materials in the future. 

- Cecily Brown, Artist


I've made a living for 25 years using your watercolors.  I tried everything, there is nothing like yours.

- Mary Ann Beckwith, Artist and Teacher


Your oil paints are the best, beautiful, intense colors, along with your mediums & technical help.

- Jessie Fisher, Artist and Teacher


I just purchased a 147 quarts of your watercolors, so as not to run out.  They are just so marvelous!

- Kristie Nardelli, Artist


Everything I use comes from Robert Doak.  Oil Paints, Oil Sticks, Watercolors.  You are the best!

- Laura Owens, Artist


I rely on Robert Doak for all my needs.  If he suggests something, you better believe it.  He's one of a kind.

- Sherie Franssen, Artist


Doak gies me what I need! Signature oil sticks, watercolors & a special canvas.  no one else is making what he does.  Thanks!

- Calvin Marcus, Artist


Doak has the best linen canvas along with oil paint and oil sticks.  All custom to MY needs!

- John Finnerman, Artist


I found that this guy in Brooklyn, Robert Doak, probably the best color guy in the world, had discovered a cache of the really good lead white.  I bought enough from him to last me a lifetime.

- John Currin, Atist