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Titanium Pearl White - HOT NEW Specialty Oil Paint

Robert Doak Art

Titanium Pearl White - HOT NEW Specialty Oil Paint

$ 40.00

Specialty customized oil paints by Robert Doak

Best Quality Oil Paints used by famous artists worldwide

A White Oil Paint that is unlike anything else.  Titanium Pearl that has the consistency of cake icing with a frosted look. It has a sensual feel, creamy but dense and with a beautiful sheen!  It enhances all colors and is beautiful on its own.

Customer Testimonial:

When I first saw the Titanium Pearl I thought it would just be a specialty White but after using it It's become my workhorse White that I use for everything !!   The Mica literally reflects more color to the eye.   You have been playing a good violin all your life and now you have a Stradivarius or 12 more keys on a piano.  An a amazing creation!!  -Kevin

If you would want a special color made for you in a pint can, you can email us a color draw down and we will match it or you can leave it to us.  We can do color reductions of a color if you wish, either with mica or without.  Custom pints would run $160-185, depending on the pigments.  A pint can is equal to 4 large tubes of 140 ml.  


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