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It's summer and we're sizzling!

When I started Robert Doak & Associates, back in 1972, I was an artist looking for quality oil and water color paints just like so many.  I started to experiment and after years learned how to make them on my own.  Now my associates and I actually make or design many of our products ourselves, while other companies for the most part just buy & sell ordinary junk!  Because I have been doing this so long, I have made it my mission to customize material for the artist with a personal touch that doesn’t exist any longer.  Some may say I am old school, but old school in my opinion makes for GREAT products and service. You can ask some of my many loyal and famous clients.  As part of their team, I can humbly say, I played a role in making them successful!

As a testament to the quality, our oil paint was rated as the best colors in the WORLD by no other than John Currin in The New Yorker Magazine and the hard cover book that followed. 

The Goop Medium comes in two viscosities and was formulated by me, Robert Doak.  It’s used by some of the biggest names in the art world.

Our water colors are liquid concentrates and are superior to anything else as far as color intensity and chroma goes.  They are just as brilliant as our oil paint.  I have also designed an emulsion primed canvas that takes the water colors along with a medium that sets them up to receive oil paint. 

We have the best aluminum & wood stretchers than any other competitor.  After researching and better understanding what was needed, ours has eliminated many of the flaws of any other in the market. 

You know, I am not a spring chicken these days and sometimes I can feel my age.  But I am not one to retire from work that I love and keeps me young at heart.  So I have come up with package orders to make oil sticks & oil paint, along with the formulas!

Somehow I would like to leave my legacy so am giving away my secret formulas to the few brave souls that want to learn to do it themselves and keep the quality I have always sold.  You’ll get everything you need PLUS over the telephone consultation to assist you as you learn.

During my years at Robert Doak & Associates, I have also designed an electric muller that can make 8 to 10 pints of paint in a day!  We are hard at work in our Brooklyn factory/store.  It gets a bit HOT so thinking on Fridays to shut down early, so please reach out early in the day or usual business hours Monday through Thursday, ­­­10am till 4pm.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and thanks for your support!


Warm Greetings,

Robert Doak




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